Garden Sheds

New Home Outdoor Metal Storage Sheds

Outdoor metal storage sheds can take the clutter out of your garage, but a disorganized shed is just a useful addition to your storage needs. Whether the shed is a catch-all for instruments or a new home for your tractor, shelter shed tool is a versatile and simple way to have all your belongings organized and out of the way. The type of shelving for your shed depends on your budget and your storage needs.

If we are keeping an eye on your budget, plastic shelving may be the best choice for your utility shed storage needs. Plastic shelves typically consist of three or four shelf tables supported by plastic posts that fit perfectly into the corners of each plank. Shelves are cheap and generally easy to assemble, but they are not as sturdy as other shelving options like wood or steel. Plastic shelves are best for storing smaller tools like hoses, paint cans or joint exercises.

Suspended racks are an ideal choice for storage shed kits that require plenty of space for large items such as snow throwers or lawn mowers. Suspended shelves attach to the roof of the booth and hang for eye level height or lower. More suspended shelves are supported by steel cables or chains; the shelf boards can be metal, durable plastic or wood. Determine that the load capacity of the suspended shelves is important because overloading the shelves can seriously damage your roof. Use suspended shelves to store large boxes that can be stacked and aligned perfectly for easy access.

Wall shelves are simple options for organizing the covered laundry. Most wall shelves are either galvanized steel and wood planks supported by industrial systems or double track systems. If you want a permanent accessory from your shed, opt for support systems that secure the floating shelves on the shed wall. If you want a little more versatility and mobility, look for units that have two metal tracks that hold the wall of the steel shelf mounted on the wall.

Each track includes a series of slots that hooks onto the shelf sheet in. Track shelves are adjustable, so you can alter shelf heights according to your storage needs.  Do not lift a structure that seems to be coming out of a taming near the neat garden of your neighbor. Most municipalities ask that the outdoor storage shed be within 60 cm. of the fence or the boundary of the property, so also try to investigate this to avoid fines.