Storage Baskets For Shelves

Plastic Storage Bins Ideas

While pedestal sinks lend a clean, classic appeal to a bathroom, they lack the built-in lockers in other types of sinks. Bathroom storage towers provide a solution to this potential problem by providing ample space in a long, narrow shape perfect for small spaces. You can buy a stand-alone plastic storage bins. Decorate the tower and the bathroom around it to give the room a cohesive feeling.


Measure area on side of pedestal sink to determine the size of storage tower that the room holds. Avoid squeezing it into space by leaving at least two inches on each side of the storage tower, which helps prevent a crowded feel. Paint or buy a plastic storage that matches the rest of the bathroom so it melts. Paint the same color as the pedestal sink or the color of tiles on the bathroom wall or bathtub. Place ornaments in all storage tower shelves as the arena is not covered with cabinet doors. Fill a glass jar with cotton pads or compressors for a decorative yet practical appeal. Roll towels and arrange them in a basket for easy access. Add a decorative mold to the top of the storage tower to give it a sophisticated look. Select casting that extends all the way to the ceiling if the storage tower is independent.

This gives an appearance of being a built-in function. Cover the outside of the storage tower with tiles matching the consistency and color of pedestal sink to tie the two parts together. Install a drying post along the side of the storage tower facing the pedestal sink. Select a color that matches the hardware on the sink. Hang a colorful towel for drying after using the sink. Whether you’re out of the idea of ​​having a home full of small, useful antiques or just hoping to save a few dollars on storage, go vintage for your organizing needs is both a practical and attractive solution. Conquer the mess in every room of the house by reviving the old steam trunks, wire bins, vintage metal food boxes and cabinets.

Vintage Storage for bedrooms

Vintage plastic storage bins make attractive storage when stacking them by size from largest to smallest or showing one or two on top of a bench at the foot of the bed. Use them to store out-of-season clothes, a school lesson or favorite books. Recycle his old steamer to a bedside table next to the bed. Store your extra blankets, blankets and pillows inside. Place an old thread basket on top and fill it with favorite magazines and a fresh flower bouquet. Vintage fruit boxes stacked and attached together make an interesting shelf for display folded blankets, vintage textiles and what-notes.