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Ideal Round Cocktail Table: Guide to Choose

The cocktail table is authentic protagonist in the living room, along with the sofa. Around the area that makes up these furniture revolves the life of your living. To take care of its design, the practice that must be to adjust to your needs as well as the correct measures will facilitate the dynamism of the stay. Based on the fact that you have already chosen the furniture of the room and its distribution, you should take into account some tips. Round cocktail table and sofa should be chosen together because both elements have to coordinate, especially if you have more than a sofa or armchair to create the rest area.

It gives prominence to only one of them. If the sofa (or sofas) is very colorful choose a discreet cocktail table and vice versa. With sofas of straight lines and colors neutral or black you can opt for a table that attracts the eyes. The important thing is to avoid sharp contrasts. The shape of the round coffee table must conform to the distribution of the rest area. This makes it easy to use from any seat. The most versatile is the rectangular. Both round and square will force you to extend the rest area, very important if you do not have many meters.

Although they can vary according to your tastes and the dimensions of your living room, keep in mind these measures. Cocktail tables usually measure 120 x 80 centimeters and their standard height is 40-50 centimeters. As a general guide, keep in mind that you should never exceed the height of the sofa. If you go beyond that you will prevent the continuity of the line of sight of the television, a window, the door and, moreover, will not be comfortable. Between the table and the sofas or seats you will need between 50 and 60 centimeters of distance so that the circulation is fluid. Choose the size of the table according to the layout of the seating area.

There are three common distributions: ‘U’ shaped, ‘L’ shaped or in parallel. A rectangular table is suitable for all. Depending on the size of the sofas and the dimensions of the living room you may have to buy bigger cocktail reclaimed wood coffee tables. Another solution is to put two squares, twins that cover more space.  If the space between the seat areas is very large, discontinue the round or square. For small sofas are more practical but the greater its diameter more meters you will have to devote to the rest area.