Fire Tables Outdoor

Patio Fire Table: The Latest In Outdoor Patio Dining Furniture

Why are patio fire table the latest in outdoor patio dining? Well, you can look at it like this. Man arose from the early caveman, and we all know that no one loved fires quite as much as they did! Gathering around the fire is what inspired our modern day need to have supper around a dinner table, or to hold social gatherings involving food. By placing a fire table on your patio, you are simply satisfying a need to share gatherings around the fire. The need, though ancient and primal, is also something which helps us to survive and build communities.

So, what is a fire table? A fire table is basically a dining table made out of stone or marble that has got a gas-operated fire pit in the middle of it. The presence of the gas means that the fire that burns in the centre can be easily controlled. The ferocity of the flame can be managed – so if it is a cool summer evening, a light flame can be provided and if it is winter, a nice, roaring flame can be turned up instead.

Imagine you are sitting outside with a nice book and a glass of wine. Things get a bit cold, so you turn up the flame on your fire table and carry on reading and relaxing in peace. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. You can also use it to host a camping style evening. This can be great fun for the kids, as you can pretend that you are sitting around a real camp fire! Just turn the fire up on full blast, grab some barbeque sticks or marshmallows and let the scary stories begin.

Fire tables are the latest range because not only do they provide that element of fire and something very different, they do look very stylish indeed. They are useful at keeping the guests warm and the surroundings illuminated – and let us not forget the amazing food that you can cook! Along with a basic fire table, there is also another type of table that you can use for dining that is slightly more useful. The table with a built in braai. The built in braai sits at the centre of the table where the fire pit would be. You can have a small braai on it, while your guests sit around and have a good time. You can serve and cook their food on demand, which makes it a great social tool to have.