Wall Lamps With Cords

Swing Arm Table Lamp Ideas

Adding extra table lighting to a room can help dark areas lighter. Sometimes it is not possible to install hard-coded lighting in the wall and other options are needed. Plug-in swing arm table lamp can provide both task and reading light to areas such as bedrooms and sitting areas. Moving the light using the swing arm allows you to provide lighting for someone other than the location of the mounted lamp larger area.


Select the location on the wall where you want to hang the turn swing arm lamp with a pencil. Confirm that the location makes the cord hang perpendicular to the table below the lamp and still reach an outlet. Then adjust your seat until you are satisfied with the location of the lamp. Drill a wooden screw in the table stud if your chosen location is on the stutter. If hanging the lamp on the plaster, use a threaded plaster anchor rated to hold the weight of your swing arm wall lamp. Screw the anchor into a plaster with a star screwdriver until the anchor is tight against the wall. Install the supplied anchor screw in the armature.

Hang the swing arm wall lamp on the anchor screw. The wall the lamp has a keyhole opening on the back of the mounting base. Place the opening over the screw in the wall and rest the mounting base against the wall. Cover the swing arm light cord with the supplied cord cover. Insert the cord into the slot on the cord cover. Clean the wall with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth where the cord fastens the lid. Remove the protective paper from the lid and hold it on the wall beneath the lamp. Connect the swing arm to the wall socket.

Your home needs some lightning, try a new table lamp. Instead of buying a table lamp in a home decor shop, find a sparse used lamp and transform it into your own DIY style. Again make a table lamp and give the facelift for life with just a few simple changes. You do not need any significant artistic talent to take a table lamp from gray to fab in no time. Remove lamp shade, light bulb and some metal parts that will loosen easily from the old lamp. Set them aside. Cover the cord and some metal parts (gear or console that holds the shadow in place) with a target tape to protect them. Spray the lamp cover with a layer of spray paint in your choice of colors. Allow the paint to dry and then spray another jacket if necessary for full coverage.