Glass Pendant Lighting

Make a Drum Shade Chandelier

Drum shadow crowns are common in many homes. In addition, many homeowners use drum shades to cover old chandeliers. Instead of completely replacing the chandelier with a new drum shadow chandelier, homeowners simply attach a drum shadow to the old chandelier. This can be difficult because many drum shades are not intended for this purpose. A little creativity and some tips will help you get the look you want for this drum shade chandelier project. Fortunately, making your own drum chandelier lamp will not only save you money. But it also creates an attractive and stylish addition to any room in your home. While you should choose fabric that is breathable and make sure there is enough space between the lamp and the ceiling to avoid a fire hazard.

And its otherwise design is only limited by your imagination. Meanwhile, the instruction to make hanging drum chandelier is starting with remove the old lamp from the ceiling. After that, install the pendant lighting kit according to the product instructions. Remove the decorative trim on the bottom of the lamp so you can place a diffuser cloth to cover the view of the bulbs at the bottom of the lamp. Next, trace the shade of the lamp on a piece of white or cream cloth, or any fabric you like to cover light bulbs. Remember that this fabric will be visible below the lamp, so choose a fabric coordinates with the shadow itself. Add 1/4 inch around the goal circle around the frame of the lamp shade and then cut the circle of fabric with sharp scissors.

Apply glue to the bottom edge of the lamp shade from which the cutout was removed. Then, press the glued edge of the screen centered on the back of the fabric circle so there is 1/4 of an inch of projection on all sides. Press the 1/4 inch flap on the edge of the lamp, adding more glue if necessary. Allow to dry completely. Replace the trim on the edge of the lamp curtain with glue to cover the edges of the fabric. The bottom of the screen is now covered with a cloth diffuser to keep bulbs and luminaries out of sight. Place your drum lamp for the hanging pendant kit on your ceiling and add light bulbs. Refer to the light kit instructions if necessary. Last, turn on the new drum ceiling lights enjoy attractive and convenient lighting on your table, bed or counter.