Turquoise Side Table

Why Use a Blue Side Table in the Living Room

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in the living room, alone or with family, with TV, eating, working, doing homework, work. We do it for meetings with friends, dates with the couple, intimate meals, or breakfast on Sundays while watching TV. The living room has always been the meeting space and the blue side table is the central element of the vintage style room. Next to the sofa or armchairs the side table is our point of reference for food trays. A place where they have to be the coasters, the shelter of the command or the mobiles. Because it sounds like a lie, but a side table is really practical.

This kind of blue accent table are often low. But that has a solution, although you can find more classic models. You currently have a large variety of lifting tables that offer all kinds of alternatives, as they extend and lift the tray to make it more accessible. If these tables guarantee extra comfort when you close the table, the same lifting table of these auxiliary tables fulfills a second function, it offers an extra storage space, which we can take advantage of in many ways: if you have children you might prefer to save your sketchbooks and pencils on the table so they always have it on hand, or maybe you prefer to hide things from the sight of the children. An antique blue console table is a space where you can find what you need, a minibar to surprise your friends, the electronic equipment you use when you are in the room (PlayStation, laptop, iPad, etc.).

Lift able tables, like any side table, have to endure a lot, drops of food and drink, that support them weight or write on top. For all this, it is important that it is of resistant materials. The most commonly used materials are wood, agglomerate with good quality melamine and tempered glass. A glass lid is very practical, since it has two very practical functions. Being transparent you can see what is underneath, without having to be continuously opening the lid to see what is. And on the other hand, as it is always visible, it forces you to have it always ordered. Because of their design, the elevated tables open in a different way, but all have the same advantage, opening open the lid and extend it on its edges. So when you are taller you will not have to buckle to get your things from the blue console cabinet.