Tadpoles Chandelier

How to Mount Baby Room Chandelier

Although individual baby room chandelier differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, most traditional chandeliers are made of the same type of parts – often brass and crystal – and have similar silhouettes. This fact makes certain generalizations about how to assemble most chandeliers. If you took a chandelier home but left their mounting instructions behind or lost them, you can still assemble your luminaire without shedding the Internet for the specific instructions of the model. Make changes to the assembly process as you familiarize yourself with your model.


Slide the room chandelier on the chain. Feed the two electrical wires through the chain, passing through every third or fourth link. Thread one end of the threads through the chandeliers. Feed the other end of the cables through the chandelier base. Attach the cables to the wires inside the base; the threads you connect them to should differ in appearance from the arm threads as you come through the chandelier arms. Twist them together if no other connection method appears, and remember to connect similar colors. Cover the connections with wire nuts. Wood chandelier’s arm threads through the holes in the bottom, one in each hole.

Strip 1 inch from the end of all new cables. Step them through your arms, then attach your arms to the base. Wrap the ends of the threads around the two screws on the sides of the sockets at the end of the arms; wrap each thread in the opposite direction from the other thread. Cover the sockets with tubular light covers. Screw the finial or ball to cover the opening on the underside of the chandelier. Attach any crystals or decorative chains with the supplied hardware. Place light bulbs after hanging the chandelier.

Since most baby room chandelier are on the heavy side, they often need more than just the strength of their decorative chain and the roof to support it; Even the electric box will not support your chandelier if it weighs more than 50 pounds. Falling chandeliers not only present a clear danger to you, your family and your guests, but also end up broken in pieces, a conspicuous situation for such an expensive lighting element. Protect your ceiling, chandelier and, most importantly, yourself and your guests by properly supporting your heavy chandelier.

Remove the electrical box from the hole in the ceiling where you will hang the chandelier. Bend the crate from the hole with a flat bar, if nailed into place; otherwise, screw the screws with your screwdriver. Turn fan stag s hexagon-shaped bar to shorten it; Keep turning it until it reaches the shortest length possible. Insert it into the ceiling whole one side at a time. The rest of the fan stays on the invisible side of the ceiling and center it over the hole.