Full Wall Mirrors

Framed Wall Mirrors Large

When you decorate, wall mirrors large offer you more than just a place to check your make-up before heading to the job. Their reflective features make room for bigger viewing and improve overall light quality in the room. When looking for ideas on how to use mirrors in your home, use these elements to control your decorate decision.


The fireplace is a natural focal point in a room. It is usually located in a centrally located area, which allows an arrangement of furniture to be placed around it. One of the easiest ways to make this area stand out even more is to decorate the area above the fireplace with a large mirror and other decorative accessories. Start by painting the open fireplace wall. Paint it a rich color like wine red or cobalt blue. Add layers of accent color to the walls around; Choose a different color for this, such as off-white or slightly yellow. Look for a large framed mirror with an ornate frame; a gilded gold or silver-colored frame offers a bit of visual drama. If you have chosen a clearer embellishment style, look for a solid built oak frame.


Many decorative mirrors also come with matching light scans sets. Buying a mirror / skin combination set lets you take advantage of the reflective quality of the wall mirrors large. Make a gallery of soft light by hanging a large framed mirror on the wall. Place matching lamps on each side of it. Or hang lamps directly under the mirror on the wall so that the flicker of the light waves reflects in the mirror.

Wall of Mirrors

Many homes have a wall gallery of pictures. If you like the look of an image gallery, but want to create a small variation on this ornament theme, hangs framed mirrors instead. Use a large framed mirror as the hub of the gallery. Look for a mirror that you’ll find eye-catching and matching the decorating style of the room where you create the gallery. A large round mirror will break up the visual monotonic array. Hang a group of three or four images on one side of the mirror to put together an asymmetrical display. Positioning two small mirrors of the same design on each side of the mirror allows you to create a more symmetrical display.


Positioning a mirror on the floor gives you a quick fool the eye fix for a small, dark room. Place a mirror on the floor in an area of ​​the room that you would like to emphasize. For example, if you want to light a corner of the room, place a tall floor lamp in a corner. Place large mirror in front of it. Decorate the area by placing arrangements of dried flowers or groupings of ceramics; this will add color and keep the mirror sliding down.