Beach Theme Decor

Decorate Beach Themed Wall Art

Take the outdoors and remind your children this summer all year round by decorating their rooms with a beach theme. Beach themed wall art work equally well for boys and girls. Wall decorations, bedding, furniture and toys can all help create a sunny beach atmosphere. Encourage your children to contribute ideas and customize the beach theme to your own family’s beach experiences by adding items that you used or exist at the same time on your beach vacation.


Decorate the walls to resemble the beach. Paint the walls light green with blue waves further out on the horizon. Add a light brown color to the bottom of a wall to represent sand and add a cardboard wall painting. Hang up vinyl wall decals of starfish, fish, crabs and lobsters on the other beach themed wall. Cover the floor with light rattan mats. If your child does not like the feeling of rotting under his feet, fix a soft, sandy mat instead. Create a mini seafront scene in a corner of the room, complete with a toy Ferris wheel and small shops. Prop and blow up palm in another corner, and place a surfboard or kick in a third corner. Pile up sand buckets, spades, Frisbees and a bowl on shelves. Paint a toy chest black with brass corner and install a lock to mimic a pirate treasure chest.

Collect sea glass and seashells on your beach trip next beach themed. Take these items home, clean them up, and sprinkle them on bookshelves, desk study periods, around the mini boardwalk and on the toy chest. Create true art in a glass bowl with a true art kit. Gently pour each layer of sand into the glass bowl and scrub the layers in the shape you wish with the supplied sand rake. Add layers of different colored sand until your work is done. Place the top of the drawing and place it on a window board. Decorate your child’s bed with palm tree or beach toy printed sheet. Tuck in a fuzzy light brown felt so your child can pretend to bury himself in the sand while in bed, and finish the appearance with a reversible light blue and navy blue arena.

Tips and warnings

Make sure the sea glass is completely leveled by the water and the seashells are empty before you take them home. When you think of beach shots, the waves will crash on the beach, sand and sun go through your head. If you live in an area where your sun exposure is limited and winter dominates the year, decorate your bedroom to create a beach theme so you never need to leave sun and sand behind.