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Charming Country Style Bedroom Sets

Arrive at a rural hotel and you get the room with sloping ceilings or exposed wooden beams … it’s a prize! But why wait until the next getaway to the countryside to enjoy its charm? If you are passionate about this style, copy it. If you want to give a country style bedroom sets look or condition the rooms of a country house in this style do not miss to take a look at these ideas for a rustic style bedroom that we show you today in this article. The rustic style depends largely on the architecture and space to decorate, although this does not prevent us from using this style in some of its softer variants in any type of home.

The key is to give prominence to the most natural materials such as wood, stone and vegetable fibers, as well as rescuing old pieces to furnish the bedrooms, such as bed frames, chests, benches or chairs. Flowers and wild plants – both fresh and dry – are the detail that completes the sence of these rustic bedrooms. the wood is lighter, even pickled or bleached. Although they retain their original essence, the furniture supports certain classical French-inspired turns, such as winding and upholstered headboards, chairs with cabriolet legs or lamps with turned feet.

Surely more or less all know the typical characteristics of the country bedroom colors and style. Furniture made of wood or wrought iron treated in the old style and with simple ornaments. The raw material is more important although it can be richly decorated with simple designs. In white: It is the most modernized and updated version of the rustic style. This color attenuates its coarseness, adds light and makes it fit in environments not exclusively rural. In this case the ideal is to avoid using other colors. Enough with wood and white. At most, touches of green with plants or neutral tones like beige or gray in textiles. The less added in the chromatic palette, the better.

Nor should we give up elegance and design by choosing this decorative style. The French country bedroom ideas nowadays have broken the barriers and have escaped its natural environment extending its use to any instance. The materials most used in this style are wood barely treated or looking like it was not, wrought iron, rustic air textiles and some floral prints and vegetable fibers on carpets. Enjoy this small rural getaway that we have prepared with twenty bedrooms in which to disconnect is so easy that you just cross the threshold.