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Creative Bunk Beds Kids Style on Budget

You have a boy and a girl, but you do not have the space to separate your room, and at this point you are thinking of a solution for two children in the same room, but the arrangement of bedroom, bedroom it is so convenient for the two to grow up with their gender as a mother to think. And the bunk beds kids boys and girls are the ideal solution. Children’s beds come in many shapes, sizes and themes. Dress up your child’s room with a boat-shaped shaped bed or buy a bed that resembles a dinosaur. However, you can use bedding and other accessories to change the look of your child’s bed if your budget does not allow for an elaborate, custom-made bed.

An inspired boat bed works well for a family cannot afford a custom made nautical bed. Paint your child’s existing blue bed and allow the paint to dry for a few days. Use hot glue to attach wooden toy boats to the top of the headboard. Allow the glue to dry and then decorate the bed with blue and white or patterned bedding, themed boat sheets and blankets. Make your jungle room, complete by changing the style of the berths. Paint your bunk beds twin over full green or brown. Allow the paint to dry for a few days. Wrap light green plastic vines around the entire bed.

The vines should climb the bedposts and extend through the side and front. Place the stuffed animal monkeys around the corners of the posts. You may need to use masking tape to properly attach the monkeys unless you can find monkeys that are placed around naturally without attachments. Make a princess bed for your child. Buy a four-poster bed and decorate it with transparent pink and purple fabrics or princess-themed bedding. Take the bedding for you to go to bed alterations.

Spray clear spray glue on the head board and sides of the bed, and then sprinkle pink and purple glitter all over the headboard and any other area where glue is sprayed. Place the princess stickers on the headboard for added decoration. Buy a simple white children’s bed and ask your child to pick hundreds of buttons in their favorite color. A child might want all shades of blue, green, orange and yellow; a girl can choose pink, purple, yellow and red. Use a hot glue gun to stick buttons all over the head, sides and messages. Allow the buttons to dry and adorn the twin over full bunk bed with colorful bedding.