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Elegant Ideas Small Space Sectional

Small space sectional furniture allows you to minimize space and provide minimalist seating. Whether you choose a traditional cross section with an arm at either end or one of the popular sectionals with a chaise one end, the possibilities are plenty. Choose a floor model or have a cross section tailor-made to fit your home. It may take longer to bring the custom sofa in your home, but the ability to design your own piece is worth the wait. Modern sectionals promote clean straight lines and often incorporate polished metal into their designs. Look for slim versions with white or black leather. Other fabrics include tufted velvet, shiny vinyl and charcoal denim including Chaise settings range from back square designs to round out of circular edges that extend at the end of the couch. Depending on the style you want to convey, minimalist armless versions of sectionals are available as well. Consider your daily consumption as well as style bringing home a cross section that is both visually appealing and functional.

For a fresh country chic look, choose a cross section with bold stripes. Oversized pillow-top sectionals work well for this design scheme. If you cannot find a pattern that fits your taste, look for a neutral cross section with arms at both ends and place a collection of throw pillows with motifs like roosters, vintage floral patterns and plant extracts. Or update an old cross section with a crisp white slipcover and decorate it with white blanket cushions with popper pale blues and lavenders.

Look for pattern and color to create a focal point with your cross section. Thumbs through the sample books in cloth options to find a sectional sofa that will collect your design. Either begin with the sofa pattern and develop your space around the eclectic pattern or analyze existing decor and accessories to help you develop a color scheme. For example, if you’ve messed up and traded and bought a collection of pieces of chalk, chocolate and cream tones, choose a graphic print with cream and chalk poppies, or go for a hounds tooth pattern in chocolate and cover it with sapphire.

You also take the sectional theme from your living room into the kitchen. Look for the wooden bench sectionals to a corner in your kitchen to create a breakfast hook. Couple it with a small kitchen table and one or two accent chairs for a quirky place to sip your tea in the morning. Or design a banquette-style cross section for your kitchen or dining area. Banquette seating requires little space (no space required behind chairs) and offers valuable extra seating options for large families or for anyone who loves to entertain. Place your banquette cross section around a window for optimum view and light.