4 Piece Counter Height Dining Set

Bar Height Dining Set to Enjoy Your Breakfast

To receive friends, to divide environments or to generate sample spaces, they are a great option. Enter and see the proposals we bring you. The myth of a bar height dining set at home, usually hangs around our head when designing or remodeling a kitchen. And the idea of ​​making a vain, to communicate the kitchen between the “living-dining” or with a daily dining room always comes up. Here are some things we need to know to make the right decision. Obviously, much of the final decision is influenced by the design of our house and the lifestyle of its occupants.

The bars bring an air of informality to our living room. So it tunes nicely with modern, minimalist, trendy styles, or rustic wood. Instead, it does not harmonize so well with style furniture. In larger houses, we can place the bar between the kitchen and the dining room, and this solves spatial issues, without affecting the elegance of the main dining room. If the idea is to use the counter height table ikea as a breakfast, we must pay special attention to the measures. The finished allowance height can vary between 90 cm. to 1.05 m depending on the case.

Of the height will depend the bench that we choose, since there are of different fixed heights and some adjustable. In the case of width, if we consider the measurements of a dish and its glass, the recommended minimum measure is 45 cm and the ideal 50 cm. The bar must have a cantilever of 25 to 30 cm. for the side where we place the sidewalks in order to sit comfortably and have room for the legs. As for the length, consider that at 1.80 two comfortable people will sit. in the case of making a span in an existing wall, it must have a minimum height, from the level of the finished bar, of 90 cm.

In small apartments many times the counter height pub table gives a feeling of spaciousness, and in some cases brings natural light from being to a poorly lit kitchen. On the other hand, it favors the interaction of the inhabitants of the house who can converse while performing different tasks. On the other hand, this solution favors the scattering of kitchen odors to other spaces in the house. If this is a problem, some glazed enclosure system can be designed that can be draw able. In these cases, a good exhaust air outlet to the outside is essential.