Lack Wall Shelf

Wall Display Shelf Style Ideas

Wall display shelf is an important part of the decor in all rooms. They can both be decorative in themselves or provide space for everything from potted plants to books, so you can put a personal touch on the home. Woud polar wall shelf in metal with rounded edges. Woud polar is a nice and alternative small wall shelf that, if viewed directly, is formed by two lines perpendicular to each other. The wall shelf is available in either red or gray and is made of metal. The vertical loop that stretches around the wall of the wall also functions as a fitting. This can be reversed either way so that it is either placed on the left or right side of the wall shelf. The small Woud polar wall shelf measures 44.6 centimeters in width, 19.6 centimeters in height and 20.3 centimeters in depth. It is perfect for use in the kitchen or in the living room, where you can store small nip sting or decorative items.

Unique gliding wall shelf appears very special as it has hidden fittings and is made of solid oak. It is thus a real floating shelf, which appears elegant and timeless with the organic shapes. The wall shelf is made of Andersen Furniture, a Danish furniture house. Here is a number of beautiful timeless furniture that can be used in both the modern, classic and elegant decor. There is both a large and a small version of this wall shelf. The large measures 61 centimeters in width and 25 centimeters in depth, while the small measures 41 centimeters in width and 18 centimeters in depth. You can either combine different sizes and get a nice storage solution for the kitchen or living room, or simply set up a single wall shelf for a more simple expression.

Como triple wall shelf in white painted metal. This wall shelf is part of the como series, which is made exclusively for Bordeaux. You will not find this wall shelf elsewhere and it is unique in its design. The wall shelf has a minimalist exterior with 3 small shelves placed vertically over each other, allowing for practical and decorative storage. For example, use the wall shelf for storing everything from books to small jars, depending on your personal style. The Como wall shelf is available in white or black, so you choose whether you are for one or the other.