Butcher Block Cart

Butcher Block Islands: Keys to Designing Them!

Butcher block islands have been one of the most powerful acquisitions of modern kitchens, they have revolutionized the way we understand this space and move into it. Although kitchen islands can perform very different functions, there are a number of features that all designs maintain. Firstly, they serve as a separation of spaces for homes with a diaphanous design, also provide us with extra work space and even serve us as a table or office for breakfast or fast food.  Since its place is normally located in the center of the kitchen, the islands are the central points of the decoration of this space, and require special planning and care.

And here comes the good news, you do not need an interior designer to create your own model, todat we give you the keys to build your own kitchen island, with the style that best suits your home. Creating our own cooking island can be simpler than it first seems, the most important thing is to have the right resources for it. If we want to enjoy a design as elegant and sophisticated as this one of Deluder Home Architecture, it is enough to find two identical or similar symphonies, like these of the image to serve as base to our island.

They must be resilient and with a surface somewhat wider than that of standard models. We can decorate it in advance, painting it in matching colors or adding ornamental details. Find out what dimensions you have to configure the furniture, keep in mind that these have to be at least as long as the depth of the two pieces of furniture. The next step will be to incorporate a worktop of a resistant material, suitable to the use that we will make of it in the kitchen and taking into account that it will be in contact with liquids and wet products.

The simplest is to buy a sheet of the material chosen and cut to the right dimensions. Kitchen cart with butcher block top is a popular choice as it is cheap, easy to clean, and a great size for use in kitchens. Granite may also be a good choice, but the slabs are so heavy that it will be important to ensure the sturdiness of the furniture before placing it to avoid future setbacks.  The white lacquered wooden model incorporates an elegant marble slab, providing a classic touch to the design of the kitchen, which fits perfectly with the style of the furniture.