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The term figuratively means the wind shield which refers to the original purpose of the screen preventing the wind from blowing inside the rooms. In general, we do not usually use them much or see them in the usual interior decoration and yet they are an ideal resource to give a practical, elegant and fun solution to the separation of environments from our home. But also, in addition to screens, there are many other ways of separating spaces. With different designs and functions, today we tell you about several elements that you can take into account to room divider screens and we help you to choose the perfect option for you.

To separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom, the most common is to place a mosaic or glass partition. This is very nice and neat in the bathrooms. In addition the colors bring a lot of life, and we can play with different patterns of the mosaics to generate something more dynamic, fun and highlight the fragmentation. On the side of the shower, you can take advantage of the space of the screen to leave some cavities where to place neat and organized personal hygiene accessories.

If we live in a studio or loft, you can use a panel screen in the wall. A thin wall is called a partition that serves to separate rooms within an environment. This small wall will allow us to experience that on the other side of the bedroom is the living room, the dining room or the kitchen without feeling that it is all part of the same. In mono environments this is extremely important so that we do not feel overwhelmed by having things in sight constantly. In addition, even living alone, a slight sense of privacy and isolation will make us feel more protection.

Another good idea is dividing cubes, which allow us to organize our spaces way we like. There are a number of cubes that are disassembled and you can position them as you like, changing final result. This will be very positive in case you feel like renovating room wave. In addition, there are some cubes that are of structure resistant and suitable for use as banks. If you have a small level in your house, we could opt for a deep wall that room dividers partitions sectors in height of others that are a lower floor. This will allow you to watch kids while you cook, and have everything under control at same time. It will also be great entertainment for them to play with their toys and that big mural full of obstacles.