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DIY Corner Mid Century Modern TV Console

Combined with the modern atmosphere of modern life, integration of Eastern cultural heritage, mutual harmony, simple straight line, the integration of diamond-shaped sectional area of large handles retroelements, fashion, and air. It designs the nightstand in front of the cabinets provided respectively with a pumping bar storage function, convenient for everyday household use, fully embodies the value and usefulness of the mid century modern TV console. You can build it by yourself in another style. A corner TV console takes up less space than a square or rectangular console because it’s “wedges” in the corner. If you can build your own furniture you can build a corner TV console standard wood products and plywood. You will need to break out some of the old algebra knowledge to calculate a measure of a right-angled triangle to get the pieces right.

Design the size of your console. This depends on the size of the TV, it must fit safely on top. Measure the space in the corner. Then decide on the number of shelves you need to hold the cable/satellite box, DVR/DVD player, video storage and any stereo. Draw the top and bottom dimensions of the modern style TV stand on particleboard. These two pieces should be the correct triangles (see algebra below formulas) to fit the corner. Add as many pieces in the same shape and size for your shelves. Cut them out with the saw. Cut four pieces the height of your console from 2-of-6 discs. Tilt the boards vertically so that you can attach 6-inch sides to the edges of particleboard the sides that will face the walls in each corner. Screw each board into the top and bottom pieces of particleboard.

Brace the top and bottom of the boards with L-brackets. Screw two fasteners on the underside of the upper and inner sides of 2-of-6 discs. Screw two fasteners to the top of the lower part, then to the inner sides of the boards. Lay the shelves to the console to match the upper and lower pieces, their edges facing the side boards. Position each shelf for a height of 1 to 2 inches longer than the unit that will go there. You can install them on the spot with the wood glue before screwing each shelf to the side boards. Glue boards to the sides for a smooth surface. If you do this, drill or cut out large holes on one side for power cords to fit through.  Paint or bet the console. Allow to dry completely before setting up the corner TV stands and other devices.