Handmade Wood Benches

DIY Small Wooden Bench Ideas

Build your own small wooden bench for the balcony and the garden in wood and concrete. By adjusting the size of the benches after the location, it will be extra luxurious. Several building descriptions to the benches. Stable and airy seat bench of wooden rules. This wooden bench is not so complicated to build as it looks. You stack and glue lines that are sealed in three different lengths. Seat bench in wood and cast concrete. Combine two identical molds for concrete blocks. It is necessary to adjust the projection on the blocks to match the thickness and width of the wood board.

Painted wood bench outdoor. A simple model to sneak together. Please use recycled gaming material from building and giving a new life to the bench by painting in delicious colors. Maybe even the colors are left to play. Wooden bench with rustic romance. Please use recycled material to get the right patina on the seat bench. Build the bench of recycled pallets. All material comes from pallets. A coarse folded pallet, which becomes so nice with colorful pads or cushions wrapped in sackcloth. Build concrete garden bench with rails. Difficult than this does not have to be. Rules are made of concrete blocks with holes stacked on each other. In order not to block the blocks, these are glued.

Full seating group of pallets. Staple pallets on each other and you have a complete furniture. You can also build backrests, and put stone slabs on the table for a nicer surface. Paint the outdoor furniture in a nice color, you hardly see that there were pallets once in a while. Construction description for an elegant wooden bench. Relatively simple construction for a wooden bench painted in black. A cool garden bench of old chairs. The seat plate is made of three boards that are shaped after the old chairs. Here you have sandpaper on the chairs to get a patinated look. Then they do not keep outdoor for as long as it can be painted or oil for a durable surface.

Luxurious wood bench with storage.To the left one has taken two different colored wooden rules. The same principle has been used on the right-hand bench, with concrete blocks on the sides instead. It is possible to drill in concrete slabs so that iron bars can be pulled through. Then you attach the nut to the ends. You can vary the model further by using half concrete slabs or coloring them.