16 Foot Curtains

Succeed With Long and Luxurious Extra Long Drapes

At last, the days begin to feel longer and lighter. We are getting a long-awaited boost in both energy and creativity. It means we want to bring in that lovely freshness in our homes. An interior detail that gives a great effect on the feel of the rooms is the curtains. Are you looking for a dramatic and romantic feeling in the room? Dare to exaggerate the length of your curtains. Extra long drapes provide the closest theatrical expression which fits extra nicely in older buildings where the ceilings are generous. A pair of carefully selected and beautifully cured curtains can be a clean frame of miracle medicine for a winter-tired household. If you’re looking for it, it’s as good as a pair of tailored pants. But it’s not without thought, and a bunch of careful choices, as it achieves that clock-like effect.

In this spring we prefer to have wide and extra long drapes curtains. Something that has been associated with hotel luxury so far. In this article, we will show you how to take care of fixing the hottest look of the year in your windows. Start with the need. Practical and nicely hung curtains require a good deal of thought and planning. When choosing a curtain, you should first wonder what function you want the curtain to have. Are you going to decorate a bedroom for younger children? Who will be able to rest in the middle of the day? Or live on the ground floor and want to insight your home without losing daylight? Many times you change curtains only because of aesthetic reasons, to make the home feel more dressed and embroidered. By specifying what the curtains will bring in the interior, you will facilitate the process of finding the right drapes.

There are several different suspension techniques when it comes to curtains. Most commonly, sliding rails, bars and the older C rails tend to remain in most apartments and houses. The alternative for fixing the spring’s trendiest look is the glide. These are available in several different price ranges and designs. The positive thing about it is that it usually acts as a modular system. Where you can easily adjust the length and shape according to your needs. The rails mount you in the ceiling or high up against the ceiling on the desired wall. Either with a single track or double. Many are skeptical of hanging short window curtains with rails because they are afraid that it will appear above the curtain. This problem is avoided by choosing curtains with folding tapes on the back. With folding straps, combined with finger hooks adapted for rail.