Column Floor Lamp

Unique Floor Lamps Ideas

Unique floor lamps – You can make a stand lamp out of almost everything. The basic components are a base, pipe or post through which the lamp rod will go, a wiring-socket-harp assembly and a shadow. unique floor lamps parts, many large box home improvement stores sell lamp or harp kits consisting of a cord and plug, socket, neck and harp. Most sellers sell the pieces in a harp kit separately  and the metal pipes are called lamp rods that pass through the outer shaft. Specialty websites carry a variety of bases, pipes or rods, shades and in a wide range of styles, from Victorian to modern.

Tool for handmade floor lamps. The tools you need depend on the materials you choose to work with. Choose a base with a hole already in it and you do not even need a drill. Choose a piece of ceramic art or side granite worktop and you will need a drill with a specialty piece. A lamp rod through which you wire the wire from the base to the socket will probably have to be cut with a hack so unless you get the custom cut in the store. From there, you can get as extensive as your tools allow. For example, uses a store full of woodworking tools, including a table saw, planer and lathe, to showcase the most beautiful wood lamps.

You can make a statement from the use of recyclable materials such as corrugated boxes of plastic liter bottles, juice cans, or even paper towel pipes. Run a metal pipe called a lamp rod through the stack put a base and a socket / harp assembly and you are in business. Embrace such reusable with leather or fabric and you start making a style statement as well. Get inspiration from expensive lamps and recreate the look you want at a fraction of the price. Compose a globe shade with a decorative tube with a found-art base, for example. Find lamp posts or posts on flea markets or garage sales and restore them with different bases, new wires and shades.

The key to making a good floor lamp is to tighten each connection properly: base, pipe or rod, plug and wire, fitting assembly and harp. Use quality materials for electrical infrastructure. And then an original Tiffany floor lamp is considered an antique and will have a high price tag. However, Tiffany floor lamp replicas can be found on many higher end furniture stores as well as online. You should only buy these lights from a serious dealer, because the style is difficult to copy.