Traditional Formal Dining Room Furniture

Modern Dining Sets Ideas

If your dining room looks a little boring and bear, consider investing in a buffet cupboard or donut. Buffets contemporary stand on the sides of modern dining sets and have multiple shelves and drawers. Planning, picking and installing a buffet are simple enough: know your dimensions, choose a style and – if it has glass screens – start decorating your dining room.

Plan for your dining room

Before investing in a buffet, you should know the measurements of the dining room and the specifications of the furniture; it’s no good idea to buy a cupboard or donate if it does not fit into the room. Key dimensions you will need to consider are the width, the length and the depth. Most traditional furniture is much longer than they are wide or tall. You can find out these measurements using a tape measure, ask a furniture retailer or look for it in the online store. You should also think about drawer space, even if you can fit the play in the dining room, the boxes may need to open their full length. Tables and chairs in the road, for example, can cramp the room and make it messy.

Matching Style of Modern Dining

Make sure the style of your buffet fits the existing style in the dining room. Dark and modern dining sets, for example, would look much out of sync with some antique or wood. If your dining room is already traditional and old-fashioned, consider moving in a luxury buffet cupboard. Some of the usual antique cabinets have glass front panels, intricate carvings or patterns and are found in dark wood colors like brown and deep red. Most modern sideboards come with hidden boxes (no handles) and in a chunky shape. These sideboards are also usually black or dark gray.

Decorate Your Dining Room

The advantage of investing in a buffet cupboard with a glass front is that it can show household items. Some people choose to fill the shelves with antiques, family gifts, sports awards, trophies or photos. The life in Italy site suggests shows some aromatic herbs like mint or parsley. This will not only improve the appearance of the room, but also the smell. The site adds that “some stems of chamomile flowers will bring up your sideboard as nothing else can. The smell of these flowers will calm and relax your guests,” which makes them “really feel at home.”