Ikea Kitchen Island Hack Stainless

Good Cooking Stainless Steel Island Kitchen

Kitchens are the spaces of the house in which we spend more time, so it is important to create a comfortable and pleasant space . If you decide to install a kitchen island this is going to be an easy task.  Normally on the kitchen island the plate is placed with the fires where we are going to cook and above we can install an extractor so that it does not disturb the smoke. At the bottom of the stainless steel island we can place an oven or if not, some practical drawers. In addition to the kitchen, on the top of the kitchen island it is very practical to have a large worktop to put our dishes or kitchen utensils. So, today we bring some ideas for stainless kitchen island.

The kitchen island adapts to all spaces and all styles . An island kitchen is ideal if you have a kitchen open to the living room or dining room because there will be no limits and you will feel very free to move. Also it will be perfect if we have square or rectangular kitchens with plenty of space in the center. If on the contrary your kitchen is small you will also find kitchen islands of smaller size where you only have the fires but not a countertop, for example.

As for the materials and styles for a kitchen island, there is a wide variety. Wooden kitchen island, granite, stainless steel, quartz or glass … They are very flexible as they fit all kitchens. Choose your favorite, and adapt it to your style. Do you want to give it a retro touch ? Then choose strong metallic colors with rounded shapes. Are you more of the industrial style ? Your choice then is a kitchen island made of wood or stainless steel with colors like gray, black or brown.

The kitchen island allows us to cook and talk with your friends or family at the same time as it confers an open space that gives us the opportunity to share our tasks and socialize. Despite its name, kitchen island, we will not feel isolated or locked up anymore when we are cooking a dinner with friends because we can be preparing our dinner or food and at the same time continue to enjoy our guests. Never before has an island been better communicated and better connected! Don’t forget to check our gallery to inspire you. See you soon!