Purple Cotton Bedding

Best Quality Cotton Bedding Sets

Cotton bedding sets are the best bed options for people who want maximum comfort with touches of style. The problem that consumers often discover is that with so many brands and cotton compositions on the market, finding the highest quality cotton sheets can be quite scary and extremely confusing. Fortunately, there are only a few factors to really focus on evaluating the quality of a potential winner.

Fiber Content and Length

Egyptian, Swiss and Pima cotton are considered the highest quality cotton bedding sets on the market. This is due to its fiber content 100 percent consisting of long cotton fiber staples, resulting in a fabric that provides optimum aeration and extreme softness. In addition, all sheets marked with any of the types of cotton mentioned above should be automatically weighed. Another thing to look at when shopping for cotton bedding sets is thread count. This can be seen on the label or tag. However, note that this does not automatically match the best kind of sheet metal. It simply means that the manufacturer does not snap on material. One of the differences between satin and cotton sheets is the way they feel during different seasons. Satin is made of synthetic material and keeps the heat more than cotton, making it a better winter fabric. Cotton is all natural and usually very light and airy, making it a better summer fabric. But in colder climate satin can work all year round, just like cotton can work all year round in warmer climate.


Pay attention to the number of vertical yarns. If it has more than the number of horizontal strands in the fabric, the fabric will probably have a very soft feel. Check the label and see the weave share listed. There are many different types of discs to choose from. Color choices are not the only decision to be made – fabric choices are the same or more important than color choices, and some think they cannot choose between satin or cotton sheets. Each type of sheet has its own advantages and disadvantages that can help you decide what kind of material is right for you.


Technically, a sheet of organic farmed cotton will be much softer and more durable than a sheet of peeled and treated pesticides and chemicals. Some sheets are laced with chemicals to add a wrinkle resistant pull to the fabric. Unfortunately, this can destroy softness and can add unnecessary allergens to the fabric. The same can be said about cotton sheet dye. The best slabs will consist of faded cotton fibers as opposed to the entire fabric being colored after manufacture. Sheets that have pre-dyed fibers become softer and more resistant to bleaching.