Bronze Pendant Light Shades For Kitchen

How to Hang Mini Pendant Shades

As a single bulb accessory, mini pendant shades are often used as a task lighting source. These lights hang from the ceiling by a rope or chain. The balloon that holds the bulb is attached at the bottom. They are usually installed in kitchens with islands and tables. This type of accessory focuses light on a specific work space and adds character to your room. There are many pendant lamps that fit all kinds of styles, colors and budgets. Once you have the accessory hanging you want, it is easy to connect by following these simple steps. Turn off the power of your kitchen in the switch on the electrical panel of your home. Many panels are located in the basement. Circuit breakers inside the panel that are normally labeled. Look for the switch labeled “kitchen”. There may be two switches connected to the electrical system in your kitchen; in that case, turn off both.

Place your ladder underneath the existing luminaries that you want to replace. Use the ladder to reach and remove the bulb from the ceiling lamp. Once you have placed the bulb in a safe place you will have to unscrew the neck of the luminary. You will need to take the screwdriver on the ladder with you to do this. After unscrewing the collar, disconnect the cables from the attachment to the electrical box. Most boxes have three cables that need to be individual: black, white, and copper. Carefully place the removed device on a flat surface, along with all the connecting screws that go with it. Finally, remove the mounting bracket holding the lamp in place. Once the apparatus and the stand are removed,

While many pendant lamps are available preassembled, there are some that require assembly. If you have an accessory that needs to be worked out, make sure you get all the information before you start. Read the assembly instructions provided by the manufacturer of the ceiling lamp. Follow the instructions, assemble all parts, including mounting bracket, collar, balloon, chain or cable, and wiring. The wiring for the lamp must be run through the cord that is connected to the collar. The collar hides the electrical mechanisms that allow the accessory to operate.

Fix the mounting bracket for your new light pendant to the electrical box. Use the screws supplied by the manufacturer. Below you will find the white, black and copper cables inside the electrical box. Connect the copper wire around the green screw of your new appliance and tighten the screw in place. Connect the black wires from the electrical box and light installation using an orange connecting nut. Take the ends of the two wires so that the top parts are together and screw the connecting nut over them. Do the same with white wires. Place all wires inside the box and then secure the pendant necklace from the light onto the box and lock it in place.