Art Deco Bar Cart

Stability and Wonderful Brass Bar Cart

When I was a kid I remember that at home my parents always had a drink cart . In it were always the bottles of liquor that they used to prepare their drinks the weekend. The concept of carts for drinks was soon disappearing with the reduction of spaces of coexistence or simply because they were out of fashion. Lately these two-floor tables with wheels are coming back with some really interesting proposals. This “industrial” type cart seems great for its very simple but somewhat rough line that recalls an industrial factory environment. With an imperfect and used finish, the brass bar cart which gives it weight and strength.

The 1930’s French trolley is inspired by a very refined style of the first-class cabins of the French trains of the thirties. The cart has a space to put bottles without them moving. This gives much stability to the bottom of the cart where you can put up to six bottles quietly. The trolley is wonderful with how complete it is. More than a simple cart is truly a mini bar on wheels with compartments to hang drinks, and ample spaces where you can store all your cocktail kit . It is made of steel and walnut giving it a lot of style.

Cart Ralf Lauren: This is the designer cart that will give an impeccable style to your interior if your is the modern style with pure and well defined lines. This trolley is made of polished stainless steel and tempered glass that finish giving it that perfect touch. Inspired by natural materials, the Tribecca Home trolley is also designed for wine lovers, since in the lower part you can place some lying bottles of wine. Additionally its three levels will allow you to place everything necessary to entertain your guests.

Inspired by the furniture of the 1950s, the Mid-Century trolley is made of eucalyptus and walnut with a super color and a resistance that will make it incomparable. The lines are classic and refined which gives it a very interesting timelessness. Designed by Zach Pino of the Chicago Institute of Art School (SAIC), this bar cart is one of the most modern, both for the materials used for its manufacture and for its design. What makes it different is its triangular shape while the acrylic with which it is made gives it transparency and lightness. Check our gallery to inspire you!