Corner Jacuzzi Tub Whirlpool

Building Corner Jacuzzi Tub

When installing a corner Jacuzzi tub in your home, keep in mind that when done, you can relax in a hot tub with swirling water. There are several steps to successfully install a drop-in Jacuzzi. Before building the base or the frame for the bathtub, check the homes foundation. Jacuzzi tub is very heavy when it is full of water. Make sure your home can carry the load. Then clean the area for the bathtub. Remove floors and cut holes in subfloor for drainage and water pipes in the selected position for your bathtub.


Measure the height of the bathtub from the lip of the top to the floor. This is the height of your base. Many tubs are 18 inches tall. Measure room for the corner Jacuzzi tub. This can be an alcove specially designed for bathtubs, or it may be the amount of space required for bathtubs and pumps. Measure both the width and the depth of this space. Many bales use a 4-by-8-foot standard, but your bathtub may be different. Cut six 8-meter pieces of 2-of-4-inch wood. Even if you buy 8-foot sections of wood, measure each length to ensure that the wood is uniform. Measure the 2-inch surface of the wood. After drying, the two-inch face is often slightly less than 2 inches. It is usually a 3/4 inches wide.

Stand two 16 3/4 “pieces on it’s freshly cut surface. Balance an 8-foot section on top so that shorter pieces are on each end. The 4-inch faces are erected at the end of the 8-foot timber. Use nail gun through 8-foot section to nail the two gables in place. Measure 8-foot wood and mark every 2 meters. Place three short pieces under 8-foot wood, one at each mark. Nail wooden pieces in place. Turn the number on the page so that you have what looks like a very wide toothed comb. Add another 8-foot section on top of the figure. The cut edges of shorter supports are aligned with the side of the 8-foot. Nail through the 8-foot plank in the support. Turn piece and repeat with a third 8-foot aboard the opposite side.

Line this forum with the edges of the support and the other board. This is the peak of the frame length. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to create a second support length. Stand the frame lengths in the corner Jacuzzi tub area. Nail down on each frame length in place through the bottom timber and into the subfloor. Place at least one nail between each support. Measure the width between the two frame lengths. Cut six 2-by-4-inch timbers to the measurement. Cut six 16 1/4 “pieces for support. Mount frame widths just like frame lengths. Outside each frame width, only three bearers have instead of five. Spike the width supports in place.