Granite Tops Albertville

Ideas for Install Granite Tops

Installing granite tops on a vanity cabinet can provide a bathroom design with a clean, modern look. Granite tops on a vanity are durable, beautiful and have the added benefit of being able to be used with an under mount wash. Installing a granite vanity top can happen after the sink and faucet has been attached to the top and the cabinet base is clean.

Ideas for install granite tops turn granite head so that the underside faces upwards. Attach the sink to the underside of the counter using a bead of silicone adhesive on the underside of the counter around the edge of the wash cutout. Push the sink into the glue so that the opening of the laundry fits with granite cutting. Use epoxy, attach the sink is the mounting equipment for the sink and counter. This is done in three steps. The bolt spindles must be attached to granite, the mounting clips to the sink and then two must be connected to each other using a nut and wrench. Apply epoxy to the underside of granite and press the bolt sticks into place. Leave the epoxy up to 10 minutes, and then use epoxy to fix the mounting clip to the sink. Use the wrench to attach mounting clips to the bolt stems. Leave epoxy and silicone set for 24 hours.

Then to install granite tops on vanity, install the tap on vanity top by turning the decorative part of the tap from its stem, pushing the stem of the tap through the faucet holes drilled in the counter, and tighten the top again. Use the wrench to secure connections. The water supply and drain will be installed when the vanity top is safe.