Entryway Bench And Coat Rack

Make Mud Room Bench with Drawers

A bench to sit on while removing dirty boots work (or snow boots) is a handy piece of furniture for a mud room. Have your family and friends take off the shoes before going home protects the carpet from wear. And also prevents tie caused by water tracking on shoes, among other things. Adding a mud room bench, meanwhile, gives you, your family and your guests a place to sit putting on shoes when you leave. Instead of spending a lot of money to buy a shop-bought bench, make your own. You can build your own bench to fit your room dimensions. This project is by using the usual tools, and then decorates it to match the decor. These are pioneer type benches, simple but very solid. Then put the canvas beneath the bench to give a place to store things like mittens, hats and scarves.

Instructions to build mudroom bench with storage: First, cut four pieces of 16-by-16-by-1-inch three pieces. These using a circular saw to create pieces and partitions. Cut two pieces of 46-to-16-for-one-inch three pieces for the top and bottom of the bench. Cut a piece of 46-of-16-by-3/4-inch plywood for the back of the bench. Second, make a rectangle out of two of the rods and the top and bottom pieces. Rest all four pieces on their 1-inch sides. Place the cut end of sidepieces against the longitudinal side of top and bottom pieces. Apply wood tile where the pieces meet. Hammer 2-inch nail through the upper and lower pieces in the cut edges of the sidepieces. Place a nail every 4 inches. Third, slide the two pieces between top and bottom pieces. Space them 14 inches in from either sidepiece to create three equal divisions.

Fasten split into place by hammering nails through the upper and lower pieces at the ends of partitions. Spacing nails every 4 inches down the length of partition walls. Fourth, put the plywood piece against the back of the bench. Since the plant is symmetrical, it can be back each side. Select the page that looks best constructed. Hammer and finishing nail through the plywood into the spectacles, top, bottom and partition ends. Space nails every 6 inches. Fifth, paint or stained construction bench the color you want. Leave the paint or stain dry overnight. Sixth, put a 13-by-13-by-10-inch canvas bin in each of the three pieces on the bench. Hint: Adjust the measurements as desired to create a larger or smaller rustic storage bench seat. Also adjust the measurements if you use shelves of different dimensions.