Sling Bookshelf With Storage

Good Kids Book Shelves

A kids book shelves is a great way to get books in your children’s lives and to introduce them to reading at a young age. With their own bookshelf, the children will have a centralized place to keep the stories and books that they love, and you will be able to fill it with books your children will need to become lovers of reading and knowledge. A bookshelf can be made at home with some important materials and tools that can be found around most households.

DIY kids bookshelf, Cut off plywood. Cut two 48 inches of 12 inch plywood lengths from the lower end of the plywood board using a circular saw and workbench as a work surface. These will be the pages of the bookshelf. Put the rest of the plywood board over the worktop so you stand at the foot of the board with the four foot edge closest to you. Measure 40 inches from the bottom of the plywood board and draw a line over the plywood board that is perpendicular to the side of the woodcut. Cut this section of wood into four 12 inch wide, 40 inch long pieces of plywood. These will be the first four shelves. Measure another 40 inches with 12 inch wood pieces. Cut this piece out, and make sure the edges are square before cutting. Cut 8 inches with 32 inch piece of plywood in four 8 inches with 8 inch squares. Cut one of these squares diagonally in the middle. These are corner stabilizers. Cut a five inch wide strip of wood outside 40 by 20 inch piece.

Children bookcases and storage, place the two 48 of 12 inch rectangles parallel to each other approximately 40 inches apart. Spike one of the 40 by 12 inch slices between them so that it is level with the top edge of the two 48 inch discs. Nail a shelf in between the two side frames on each of these levels. Nail the two triangular pieces of wood to the top two corners of the shelf. This will be back on your finished shelf, and these two pieces will give your shelf extra rigidity. Spike 5 of 40 inch wood pieces so that it is level with the bottom of the shelf on the same side as the two top corners.

This paragraph will give your shelf extra weight and keep the lower square. Turn your shelf over. Measure the small door at the bottom of your almost finished shelf. This gap should measure about 40 inches wide with 4 inches tall. Cut a piece of wood that fits perfectly in this gap. Nail this piece in. Sand all the edges of the shelf with power grinder or by hand.