Vintage Mid Century Floor Lamp

Crystal mid Century Lamps

Mid century lamps – Table lamps are a common component for most interior lighting systems and a great way to dress a room or office. Table lamps are generally manufactured with a complementary lampshade to remove the guess game from dimension and purchase lampshades. Salt crystal lamps offer many advantages. Breaking out of the Himalayan Mountains, crystal sea salt formations contain many healthy minerals. When it is lit, salt crystals warm up and emit negative ions, which are said to kill bacteria and purify the air as well as help alleviate illness and allergy-related symptoms. The soft pink glow lights also offer soothing light to work or read, making larger crystals perfect for desk lamps. Even if you can buy a crystal desk lamp, you can save some money and customize your lamp by making your own. Is well worth the effort.

How to make mid century table lamps. Rinse gently and wipe rock salt crystal. The crystal should weigh 4-6 pounds for a large lamp that emits a lot of light. Larger crystals are also easier to work with because they do not crack or split as easily. Select an end to be at the top of your lamp. Draw a line about 3 inches above the bottom of your crystal at the other end, keeping the line as straight as possible. Put on protective goggles and face mask and gently push the crystal into your saw blade. Press slowly and let the blade work the smooth cut. Line your 1½ inch coring drum as close to the center of the crystal as you can. Still carry your safety gear; slowly push the cores into the bottom of the crystal. Slowly slow; this will take time, so be patient.

Line your mid century modern wood lamp base with the flat bottom of the crystal. The hole in the center of the base of the lamp should be almost perfect with holes in crystal. When they are lined up, slowly drive stainless screws through the screw holes in the bottom of the lamp and into the crystal. Again, work slowly so that you do not snap a screw. Screw a chandelier lamp into the lamp socket piece and slide the lamp through the hole in the base lamp so that it sits inside the hollow center of your crystal. Narrow, pointed chandelier light bulbs work best for this because they fit easily into the crystal narrow center channel. Set the lamp on the desktop, plug it in and enjoy it.