Bed Frames Queen Nice

Making Queen Size Platform Beds

Many platform beds are designed without bedside tables, but if you want to make a bedside for your queen size platform beds, you do not have to worry about the complications of attaching a bedside to the frame of the bed. By using a simple frame construction bed sheet, you can make an attractive dressed bed sheet, hang it as a picture frame above the bed and create an illusion of an expensive platform bed sheet.


Place the table frame flat on the work surface and position the plywood over the top. Tote frames are available from art shops in a variety of queen size platform beds. If you cannot obtain a tablecloth, make a simple wooden frame from 1-of-2 timber. Attach plywood to the table frame with hammer and nail – a nail every three inches around the circumference. Place foam battens on the work surface and place plywood and frame on top, plywood side down. Cut wadding 5-inches larger than the size of the frame. Pull the sides of the pad up and over the back of the frame and fasten. Put the fabric on the work surface, the wrong side of the fabric up.

Iron the fabric flat and place the frame down on top, wad the side down. Cut the fabric 5-inches larger than the frame, and then pull the sides up and over your back and staple in place as you did bat. Find three wall rails with stud finder where you want the queen size platform beds and headboard to go. Measure the distance from the top of the platform bed to the top of the bedside frame and mark this on the three wall stud positions. Make sure the three points are the level. Screw in a 5-inch screw in each wall stud, leaving around an inch of the screw protruding from the wall. Place the gable over the screws, flat against the wall. Slide the platform bed up under the bedside table; it should fit directly under the bottom of the bedside.

Tips and warnings

Big “big box” home improvement stores will cut plywood to size for you. If you want a specific form, they may have the opportunity to receive you. Queen size beds occupy a decent amount of space in a room. If you have one in a room that you use for other than sleep purposes for the most part, consider setting it up to look like a daybed. The horizontal orientation will give you more floor space, but by keeping the same sleeping space you will always be ready for visitors.