Grey Subway Tile Ideas Kitchen Backsplash

Grey Subway Tile in Bathrooms

Grey subway tile are clear, easy to clean watertight tiles, which are generally larger than typical ceramic tiles. Square, as opposed to square shape, some subway tiles give a transparent brick like appearance to the walls, so you can use them as tiles for attendance usually not associated with bathroom walls. They fit in place much like ceramic tiles, with a dry-set mortar that has a special additive that helps the smooth non-porous glass bond to the wall. Because they are made of glass, subway tiles are available in a wide variety of colors, making your new tiled surface easy to blend into an existing decorative pattern.

Check the walls where you want to set the grey subway tile for any cracks. Fill cracks with plasterboard compound, stuff it into the surface of the wall with a spatula and then scrape along the surface of the patch with the edge of the spatula to level it out. Wait about two hours for the connection dry enough to work as smoothly as it flies with the surrounding wall with medium sandpaper grain. Clean the surface of the wall with a pH-neutral soap and a sponge. Pass the surface of the wall with sandpaper if there is paint present to remove the paint shine for better adhesion of the tile adhesive. Wipe the wall with a damp cloth to remove grinding residues.

Measure the length and width of the wall then use these measurements to create a test pattern of grey subway tile on a clear surface. Use as many full tiles as possible to create your pattern and estimate the amount of tile cutting needed to complete the installation. Mix a white dry-set mortar into a large bucket following the manufacturer’s instructions for the amount of water to add. Attach a paddle a little to an electric drill to mix mortar until it is the correlation of peanut butter.