Rustic Wooden Bed Frames

Building Rustic Wood Bed

Make your own rustic wood bed, you can create unique real furniture that reflects your taste and effort, and is a good alternative to an expensive pre-bought rustic bed. Be creative with your design by using tall corner posts to raise your bed, lay shelves or make it a bunk bed. Add rustic rails, bedside tables and floor tiles with natural limbs to make a truly unique bed with rustic charm.


Decide on the size and design of your bed. For example, a typical king size bed measures 76 inches wide and 80 inches tall. Many rustic woods bed with natural, aged or distressed wood, so be creative on materials, preparations and potential designs of your new bed. Start with the frame. Place four services at your chosen height in suitable places. Make the two services at the gable several inches higher than those on the footplate to create a more dramatic effect. Attach the two services that will meet the wall by nailing two cutters suitably 2-by-4s in the form of an X, with a board fixed on the inside and one on the outside. Do the same at the opposite end. If you do not use X strategy, you can simply mount the four boards for the frame directly to the posts.

Make the frame by attaching four 2-by-4 boards, your chosen length runs between the four services. You can place the discs on top of the posts to create a platform bed, or place them several inches lower, leaving the desired amount of space for the rails to go. Place your boards for the rustic wood bed over the frame, and nail them to boards below to create your tires. Secure the boards and make sure the frame is stable. If you decide to try bunk beds, you can spike four more boards at the appropriate level and nail another set of bed boards to form the second layer. Make shelves or storage space the same way.

Make the gable, BMC and rails in your chosen style. Look for dead, hardwood branches that still have limbs attached. Find pieces that have the right angle, measurements and strength to fit within the dimensions of the plan. Prepare your rails by grinding or clamping. If you have access to a sturdy hardwood, you can keep the wood natural; Use paint or paint to protect less resistant wood. Fit the rails to tires and corner posts with nails or threading, or by punching the posts and mounting in the rails, then attaching a wooden screw. The latter requires special tools and more skilled woodworking. Place your mattress in the middle, and enjoy your homemade, rustic bed.

Tips and warnings

Build a miniature practice model from spare wood to get hold of the process and avoid making mistakes on the genuine product. Do not try to build this bed alone. You will need to help keep the posts still.