Mosaic Bathroom Tiles Ideas

Remove Bathroom Tiles without Damaging Plaster Walls

Bathroom tiles – Whether you’re remodeling, replacing just a few rows of obsolete tiles, or repairing broken tiles, removing bathroom tile without damaging plaster walls can be a difficult task. It takes time, patience and the right tools. Even though you can chip away the lint in hand with small tools, you are likely to damage the wall in the process.

How to remove bathroom tiles without damaging plaster walls cut away dirt around the tile or tile that you want to remove. Work slowly and around a 45 degree angle. Be careful not to cut away cement mortar and not into the wall. When you think you have removed or cut away most of the grout, stop and investigate your work. You must be able to slide a kit or plaster knife under the tile. If joints still block the road, keep cutting; stop often to check how much you have removed. Push a spatula or plaster spatula behind the tile, to get as much of the blade as the tile as you can.

Work spatula or plaster spatula in and out behind the tile in a cutting-like motion around each side of the tile to loosen it from the wall. Carefully tile the tile away from the wall using a spatula or plaster spatula. The bathroom tiles should pop out of the wall. If this does not happen, loosen the chip more before attempting to pull it away from the wall.