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How to Lay Marble Mosaic Floor Tile

Laying down a marble mosaic floor tile is not much different than tiles with ceramic tiles or other types of stone tiles. However, marble is a soft stone and it does not tolerate construction traffic or junk. When you start installing marble tiles, you must protect it like the hood of a fancy car. Marble tiles also offer a unique challenge because of the veins of the stone. These give the word beautiful depth and texture, but require that you create a visually appealing mosaic of veins. Not all marble tiles you buy are meant to be placed next to each other.

How to lay marble mosaic floor tile, install auxiliary board on top of the subfloor. Mark your cuts on the board with a pen; draw a straight line using your level. Cut the board with a circular saw, but score both sides with a knife before using the saw. Attach auxiliary board to the subfloor with a 1-1 / 2-inch hot-dip galvanized screw. Be sure to compensate the seams of your helper board from the seams in the subfloor.

Seam seams in auxiliary board with latex reinforced mortar. After filling the seams with mortar, quickly apply fiberglass joint ties. When the tape is set, cover it with a layer of the same latex reinforced mortar. Lay out your marble mosaic floor tile. Blend the plates together so that the marble veins get together. Pay attention to the veins as you decide on tiles. It’s strange to have tiles installed along with really different friend patterns.