Shower Tile Patterns

Design of Bathroom Wall Tile

Bathroom wall tile – Tiles can be used for most surfaces in a bathroom and are generally preferable to wood because of the high water content of the room. Rather than borders tiled areas and other rooms with wood trim, which can become soft and rotten over time, you can consider borders with more tile. Bull nose tiles are finished on one side so they can sit directly opposite an open wall and form a finished border, without additional material required

Target across span you want delimited. Find and mark is halfway with a pencil. Spread the bathroom wall tile mastics on the back of a bull nose tile, using a toothpick. Cover the back of the tiles completely, to a depth of about one-eighth inch. Touch the tile to the wall on one side of the middle mark you made. Place it so that the unfinished edge is adjacent to the area that is being crowned and the finished edge faces the surrounding wall. Set wedges between the unfinished edges and the boundary area.

Repeat the process of hanging the rest of the tiles along the border side by side with spacers between them. The bull nose bathroom wall tile must line up with their finished edges forming a new border against the wall. Cut the end of the tiles as needed, on a tile cutter. Leave the sealant for eight hours. Remove spacers. Grout the tiles, spread the dirt over them with a cementing float, scratch the surface of the tiles with the long edge float and push it into spaces between them.