Amish Bentwood Rocking Chair

Rustic Rocking Chairs: A Good Place to Rest

When thinking about rustic decoration, the common thing is to think about the materials that are going to be used, on the colors that are better and on those elements that will shout that it is a rustic decoration. But, the complements have the same importance, for example, a good place to rest during the gentle evenings is rustic rocking chairs. Here we describe how they are and what is recommended, so that you make the best acquisition. What is the difference between rustic and all other rocking chairs? There is one important point to keep in mind: rocking chairs have vintage air.

No matter how much they modernize or what materials or designs are used, the truth is that the simple use of rocking chairs gives them an old touch, since they belong to a time of decades ago where this furniture was very popular and was in almost all households. But, in addition to being markedly vintage, rustic rockers use as few additions as possible. They do not use much color, nor designs elaborated for the cushion, of this form, in its purest presentation, is as we find cabin rocking chairs.

How to choose a rustic rocking chair? To get furniture of this category that respects the style, there are two basic things that we must take into account: color and material. We’ll talk about it. Among the ideal materials we can find for them are wood, wicker and rattan. The wood is always the choice par excellence and it is best to be plain or with protective varnish. They are always very resistant to different weights and climates. The rattan is the second best option, since they are much lighter and can be used in the exterior, also has a style very similar to the wicker.

The wicker is another classic option for this style of rocking chairs. Its only drawback is that they withstand much less the in clemencies of the time. In addition to these materials, consider  protective covers , they can be made of plastic or canvas and are ideal for your farmhouse rocking chairs, especially if they go outdoors, thus avoiding them, but also deteriorating. So you can place it in the dining room, the living room or the terrace. Also if you have a garden or porch and if you are someone very homelike the room is a place to rest in your rocking chair accompanied by a good book.